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BackUp Maker 7.200

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BackUp Maker is the professional solution for creation of data-backups. The ease of use as well as the range of functions enable you to create backup tasks for saving files and folders with a lack of time.

Once the backup task has been configured you may forget backup creation confidently - BackUp Maker saves your files fully automated, depending on time and interval settings or on system events like Windows log-on or log-off.

An integrated CD/DVD driver enables you to write backups directly to CD/DVD. Additionally BackUp Maker supports writing to internal and external hard drives (local and network area), any USB devices as well as zip drives. Alternatively you can use the software's FTP support to upload your backup to a webserver, optionally with secure SSL connection (FTPS).

BackUp Maker provides strong encryption by using AES with 256-bit encryption strength, with which you are able to prevent foreign access to your backup. It also compresses your data using the well-known zip compression algorithm.

BackUp Maker


BackUp Maker 7.200

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